Does your site need an update?

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Is your site responsive/mobile friendly?

As of April 2015 Google will started using “mobile-friendliness” as a ranking metric. Your site needs to be ready.


Is your search engine ranking as high as it should be?

Content: High quality, relevant content ranks better on average, and is identifiable by properties such as comprehensive wording in regard to the co-occurrence of related terms in the context, a higher word-count and media enrichment. Search Metrics


Do you know how many people are visiting your site?

"Learn what they're looking for and what they like, then tailor all your marketing activities" Google Analytics 


Is your site safe and secure?

Is your website software up to date? Are your password as secure as they should be? Everyday hackers try to gain access to websites all over the world. I can show you how to secure your site.


Does your site just need refreshing?

"There is no standard time related to how often a new version of a website should be established. However, the market indicates that most companies are making substantial changes every two to three months on average." Small Business Admin


Does your site look good in all major browsers?

Internet Explorer is not the dominate web browser nowadays. It is important to look good in of the browsers, not just the one you use.